• The Innovative Academy Development under the New Normal :Smart Care Giver  (partnered with TPQI, Ministry of University, TCU)
  •  The Academy Development for Smart Ageing  (partnered with TCU: Thai Cyber University, the Ministry of University)
  •  The Creative Media to Reduce Violence in Thailand (partnered with the National Research Council : Phase 2)
  • The development of Smart Ageing Academy under the New Normal (partnered with Thai Health Promotion Fund)
  • The Smart Platform for PALI Studies partnered with theInformation Technology Foundation under the Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn The Development of Online Academy for Women Entrepreneurs in Thailand : The Women ICT Frontier Initiate (WIFI) 2021 (partnered with UNESCAP: APCICT)
  • ICT to Empower Girls : Girls in ICT Day : from 2017 till currently (partnered with UN agencies : ITU, and all UN Agencies such as UNICEF, UNIESCO, APT, UNESCAP,FAO)
  • the Digital Skills  & Digital Literacy Studies for National Workforce of Thailand Under & Post COVID-19 Pandemic (partnered with the Regional Microsoft Company, and ASEAN, ASIA networks)

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