Beacon of Dignity Award!

Beacon of Dignity Award!

Evelin Lindner
Tue, Sep 10, 8:44 AM

to Linda, me

Dear Dr. Kamolrat Intaratat

My dear colleague, Linda Hartling, and I have a tremendous admiration for your valuable work. Because of this, we would love to officially invite you into our Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) community. We believe you are a like-minded supporter of efforts that advance dignity throughout the world; therefore, we would love to have you connected with HumanDHS officially.

Please kindly allow me to describe our network in more detail:

HumanDHS is global transdisciplinary network and collaborative community of concerned scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, creative artists, and others. We wish to stimulate systemic change, globally and locally, to open space for dignity, mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow. Our goal is ending humiliating practices, preventing new ones from arising, and fostering healing from cycles of humiliation throughout the world.

We suggest that a frame of cooperation and shared humility is necessary — not a mindset of humiliation — if we wish to build a better world, a world of equal dignity for all.
In particular, we would love to warmly invite you into our Global Education Team (!

You see many illustrious names there, however, YOUR name is missing!

It would be a great honor and encouragement for our community to have your support! There is no obligation connected to this, no cost involved, only your support! Both Linda and I, and all our network associates, plan our cooperation in our community to last throughout our lifetimes, and therefore we think very long-term. We wish to gather people in our community who walk the talk of dignity.

Many people in the world are very intelligent and diligent, hard-working and prolific. Few, however, have the sensitivity for humility, for walking the talk, for understanding the significance of dignity (and humiliation as its violation), and other related issues. This sensitivity is like a foreign language that some people speak and others do not. We look for people who embody and cultivate the language of dignity through their efforts. This is what is most important for us, more important than any “tangible product” or achievement.

Therefore it is not important if you feel you may not have time or anything “to give.” What is so valuable for us is your sensitivity and your efforts to speak the language of dignity through your special work in the world! It is a language that people do not learn usually, only some people seem to know it intuitively, perhaps through particularly educative or even harsh life experiences.

Through our work, we wish to spell out in more depth what this new language of dignity is all about, of which, so far, so few people have an inkling. And we ourselves, of course, are also only learners.

You do not have to say yes or no immediately! Just keep in mind that you have a standing invitation! We would be most encouraged and glad to have you with us! You are among the few who deeply understand our message! Just keep our invitation in mind! No pressure!

If yes, we would be very happy if you could send us a short biographical paragraph that we could place on our website! And a picture in jpg format! And your CV for our internal database! And your birth date for our private calendar, since, whenever we can, we like to congratulate friends on their birthday (mine is May 13, 1954, Linda’s is Dec. 30, 1955)!

There is no rush on any of this, dear friend. Please respond only when it is convenient and easy for you!

Most fondly, sending you our deep respect and admiration,
Evelin, Linda, and our entire Dignity community

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