CCDKM Schoolmof Communication Arts STOU,THAILAND

The Community Outreach Award (eLFA2021)

CCDKM, STOU, Thailand got the Community Outreach Award (eLFA2021) from the eLearning Forum Asia (eLFA)

eLFA has been garnering strong support from educational institutions, business partners, eLearning practitioners, ICT experts, faculty and even students from the region and internationally to meet annually and share best practices in teaching and learning among the eLearning communities to further enhance sharing of experiences and all good deeds to all humanities.

On behalf of CCDKM, STOU…we would like to thank all teams, partners and especially all the marginalise to make it happens.  CCDKM, STOU promise to keep walking in using ICT as a MAGIC TOOL to facilitate all empowerment of humanities for goods…..

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamolrat Intatatat,
CEO & Founder of CCDKM, STOU, Thailand

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