EnvironmentEA Network Facility for Technology on Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Nutrition (SAFSeN) is an ICT based platform designed to:

Provide agricultural tips on appropriate technology to rural small-scale farmers;

Bridge gaps in educational and literacy levels amongst farmers;

Tackle language barriers embracing technology through diversity in ASEAN;

Link and network ASEAN farmers.

The SAFSeN training course is available in English, Thai, Bahasa, Malay and Vietnamese. It teaches farmers how to use the SAFSeN platform, create and log in with their accounts, write content and report stories from the field, take, edit and upload photographs on the web, use Facebook and Line to share and communicate information on sustainable agriculture technologies.

Main objectives of the project are to:

Provide access-to-technology in sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition;

Narrow the digital divide (gender and geographic);

Empower knowledgeable, well-informed and proactive ASEAN farmers;

Enhance food security through sustainable agriculture technologies

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